This week Fairtrade joined Nestlé and sustainability - focussed celebrity chef Darren Robertson in launching the new NESCAFÉ Gold Organic in Australia - a Fairtrade certified coffee available countrywide.


The latest in the NESCAFÉ Gold range contains 100% Arabica coffee beans, grown and harvested by Central de Cooperativas Agrarias Cafetaleras (COCLA), a Fairtrade certified farmer cooperative in Peru, South America.

“We are thrilled that NESCAFÉ Gold Organic offers an easy way for consumers to make a positive impact in the world. Not only can coffee lovers enjoy this quality product, they can also be confident that Fairtrade has been a sustainability partner throughout its production. From working with the coffee farmers to secure fair prices and working conditions, right through to initiatives for environmental protection and community development,” said CEO of Fairtrade Australia & New Zealand, Molly Harriss Olson.

NESCAFÉ Gold Organic is a key part of Nestlé’s ongoing commitment to set the benchmark for reducing the ecological footprint of coffee production. Its aim is to provide Australians with the option of a high-

calibre coffee to drink easily at home, which is socially responsible and environmentally friendly.

NESCAFÉ Head of Marketing, Rebecca Dobbins said “We’re excited to share our new premium coffee that not only tastes delicious but is also socially conscious. Australians enjoy 11 billion+ cups of coffee a year and NESCAFÉ Gold Organic is part of our ongoing efforts to prioritise sustainability, ensuring that coffee lovers of the future can wake up to their favourite brew.”

NESCAFÉ Gold Organic is available in Woolworths, Coles and independent retailers nationally.

Fairtrade benefits to coffee farmers

Nestlé’s newest coffee comes from COCLA, in the Peruvian Andes, which is made of 23 first-grade coffee organisations that have benefited greatly from their Fairtrade certification over the past 20 years. The additional investments received through their Fairtrade sales have been invested into projects to support farmer and community development including:

  1. crop diversification to improve income and nutrition
  2. development of a soil laboratory to advise farmers on healthy soil practices
  3. community infrastructure improvements including
  4. a credit programme offering low-interest loans to members
  5. health and gender education programmes

In June 2013, COCLA became the first cooperative to receive a long-term loan from the Fairtrade Access Fund. The loan of US$370,000 over two and a half years allowed COCLA to invest in new equipment for drying coffee and cocoa to increase efficiency and quality while reducing operating costs.