Conscious Christmas Gift Guide

Looking for ways to make your festive season ethical? 

Look no further than this Fairtrade Gift Guide! 


  • Bottles of Fairtrade certified Fair Spirits

    FAIR Spirits

    When Santa slides down your chimney, treat him with a nip of FAIR Spirits. Not only will it make Saint Nick’s journey that little bit easier, the tipple will be helping the farmers who grew the ingredients too. Santa’s Fairtrade certified quinoa vodka, gin and rum is helping to empower farmers at origin to create better futures for themselves.

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  • Eat Me Chutneys

    And they thought Rudolf's nose was ugly. Eat Me Chutneys only uses the squishy, wonky and bruised fruit that would otherwise be destined for landfill. Despite their flawed appearance, these fruits and veggies make for a delicious side dish for your Xmas table. And with the addition of Fairtrade certified sugar, your chutney side will become the star of the show.

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  • Seed & Bean

    Dream of a more colourful Christmas with Seed & Bean’s range of rainbow chocolate blocks. Not only will the Fairtrade choccies brighten your festive table, they'll sweeten the lives of cocoa farmers in the Dominican Republic, Ecuador and São Tomé and Principe. The only hard part will be choosing which of Seed & Bean's 23 flavours to try!

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    • Fairtrade certified towels made from Bhumi cotton


      Christmas night will never be the same again with the gift of organic Fairtrade cotton bedsheets. Bhumi sources their materials directly from farms in India where producers are paid a fairer price for the cotton they grow. So while you’re having a silent night, farmers are getting a better deal, more stable working conditions and a more prosperous future.

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    • Fairtrade certified white gold ring from Zoe Pook

      Zoe Pook

      Surprise your special someone with a handcrafted ring that shows just how much you care. Zoe Pook’s collections are carefully crafted from Fairtrade gold, meaning you’re sharing the love with workers across developing countries. With a piece made from Fairtrade certified gold, you’re sealing the deal on better working conditions for men and women workers in Peru.

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    • Jonquil

      Even Scrooge would be delighted with Jonquil sheets on Christmas morning. The fair prices and Premiums paid to the people who produce the cotton mean that they can invest in health and education projects that matter to them. You don’t need to be old Ebeneezer himself to know that’s a great deal.

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