Get your school to switch to Fairtrade uniforms and help kids just like you learn and live their childhood to the fullest.

Most cotton farmers around the world experience harsh working conditions. They face challenges including climate change, the use of dangerous chemicals and scarce water supplies. Many aren’t paid enough, which affects their ability to provide schooling for their children and help them reach their full potential. Sometimes they even have to work alongside their parents just to make ends meet. Unfortunately, these kids don’t get the opportunity to learn, have fun and just…be kids.

But Fairtrade cotton is different. We advocate for safe working conditions and fair prices for farmers and workers. It gives their children the opportunity to attend school and enjoy the freedom of their childhood.

That’s why Fairtrade cotton is the ethical choice when it comes to your school uniform. No matter how dirty it gets, it will always be clean from child labour and unethical practices.

Take the pledge and ask your parents and school to switch to Fairtrade cotton uniforms today, so kids just like you can get the childhood and education they deserve. 

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Rally your school to make the switch to Fairtrade and help children around the world get the childhood and education they deserve.

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