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Find out what switching to Fairtrade uniforms could mean for your school, and how your decision can change children’s lives for the better. 

Switching your school uniforms to Fairtrade cotton is a small act that can make a big difference in the lives of cotton farmers, workers, and their communities.  

Cotton is the most important crop in the global textile industry, but most households involved in growing it are living in poverty. Farmers work in harsh conditions for little pay, affecting both them and their families. Many simply cannot afford to send their kids to school, and sometimes children even have to work alongside their parents just to make ends meet.  

However Fairtrade cotton is different. We work with producers and farmers to ensure Fairtrade cotton production is ethical and sustainable every step of the way. We’re committed to improving the lives of cotton farmers and their families by advocating for safe working conditions and by paying an agreed price for cotton.

You too can play a role in ensuring children all over the world get the childhood and education they deserve. Switching your school uniform to Fairtrade cotton polo shirts can change children’s lives for the better. Our Fairtrade cotton licensees only accept orders of 200 or more polo shirts; if your school meets that requirement, please fill out our Make an Inquiry form. You’ll be contacted by our licensees about your inquiry, but your personal details won’t go any further than that (see our privacy policy).

If you're interested in a potential order of fewer than 200 polo shirts, it's still worth inquiring as there may be other ways our licensees can assist. Otherwise you could contact Kool Skools, a Fairtrade certified, UK-based ethical supplier of school polos that accepts much smaller orders. 

There are also other ways to support ethical trade and consumerism and learn about Fairtrade. Australian curriculum-aligned Fairtrade educational resources are available for use in the classroom. And you can subscribe to our quarterly newsletter to stay up to date with Fairtrade activities and news.  

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